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“netvsc” error in Hyper-V guest

We use Citrix Presentation Server for a number of applications, and lately we have had a significant increase in issues with one set of our Citrix servers.  We have 3 main sets of Citrix servers and the problems have only been happening on one set.  One of the sets doesn’t have this error, but wouldn’t […]

The ordinal 120 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll.

We have 5 Citrix Terminal Servers that are configured “identically”.  After installing IE8 on two of them, the following started showing up:     After a bunch of searching, I saw a few people have gotten this, but no one had a solution, or at least I couldn’t find it.  I did see a similar […]

Temporary Registry Profiles – Finally an answer

We have been having issues at work for a while where a user gets “cannot load the locally stored profile” and a temporary profile is created.  It gets to be quite frustrating for the users because each time they log in they lose any settings that they have made.  Apparently, we arent’ the only company […]

Hyper-V and DPM – Some issues that you may see

We have several (15 or so) Hyper-V hosts running a number (126 or so) guests.  We use DPM to backup our servers, but only a few of our VMs are backed up at the host level.  Most are backed up as regular clients.  I have been having trouble with a couple of the ones that […]