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Windows cannot access the specified device

This is an old problem, but I still see it from time to time.  You are trying to run and executable that you downloaded, and you are on a Windows 2003 system.  You double click and get:   As you can see here, I am simply trying to install the windirstat utility to figure out […]

Error installing Integration Services on Hyper-V VM

I was trying to change from a “Legacy Network Adapter” to a “Network Adapter” on one of my Hyper-V VMs.   I added the “Network Adapter” and removed the “Legacy Network Adapter”, and started the machine up.  When the machine came up, it wouldn’t connect to the network.  Having seen this before I knew exactly how […]

Error installing DPM 2010 Beta

I was installing the DPM 2010 Beta (finally) and had an issue trying to get the SQL 2008 to install.  Finally figured out that I had the install files stored too deeply in a network share.  I figure this out by running the SQL install directly and when it when to check prereq’s it had […]

HyperV Integration Services: Fatal error during installation

I managed to convince the “powers that be” that we didn’t need to have a dual quad-core server with the capacity for 32GB of RAM to and connectivity to our SAN sitting around doing nothing until they occasionally use it for upgrade testing…  So I did a P2V (Physical to Virtual conversion) and shut down […]