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SQL Auto Protection Fails

Using DPM 2012 had an error with SQL Auto Protection.  In the error, it says to run “AutoProtectInstances.ps1”  When I did that, I got this error: Start-DPMAutoProtection : DPM could not enumerate SQL Server instances using Wi ndows Management Instrumentation on the protected computer <ComputerName> . (ID: 965) Please make sure that Windows Management Instrumentation […]

Error installing DPM 2010 Beta

I was installing the DPM 2010 Beta (finally) and had an issue trying to get the SQL 2008 to install.  Finally figured out that I had the install files stored too deeply in a network share.  I figure this out by running the SQL install directly and when it when to check prereq’s it had […]

Data Protection Manager 2010

So I am a bit late realizing this, but the Beta for DPM 2010 is available now on the Connect site.  I haven’t read anything on it yet, so mainly I am just posting this to make myself look into it. https://connect.microsoft.com/Downloads/DownloadDetails.aspx?SiteID=840&DownloadID=22070

Follow up to the DPM recovery point expiration issues

Previously, I blogged about issues I was having where old recovery points were not being expired/removed from my DPM servers.  I had to open a ticket with Microsoft, and worked with them to determine the cause, and since then, they have released a fix. The fix that Microsoft developed is here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=aee949aa-d3e7-4b0f-b718-00b7c20f1257&displayLang=en A few people […]

Hyper-V and DPM – Some issues that you may see

We have several (15 or so) Hyper-V hosts running a number (126 or so) guests.  We use DPM to backup our servers, but only a few of our VMs are backed up at the host level.  Most are backed up as regular clients.  I have been having trouble with a couple of the ones that […]

DPM v 3

I just watched a webcast on DPM v3 and thought I would share some of what I got from that. In the last 18 months, DPM 2007 (v2) delivered application protection for Exchange ,SQL Server, SharePoint and virtualization environments running Virtual Server and Hyper-V.  Disaster recovery with Iron Mountain, Local Datasource Protection and Client backups […]

DPM does not remove expired recovery points

I have been using DPM for about 7 months now.  (I tested with it for a few months before that.)  I never installed 2006, but 2007 seems to be working ok.  I have a few complaints, but I have complaints about all the backup software that I have ever used.  None of it really makes […]

Remove DPM agent from the DPM agent console

I blogged about this last year, but when I moved my blog, I lost part of the post (the picture) so I just deleted the post.  Then I noticed that Google is still sending people here to find the answer, so… If you have DPM Protected Computer that goes away before you uninstall the agent, […]

Replica disk threshold exceeded, or Recovery Point Volume threshold exceeded

Great! :(  Now what? Well, if you have a new DPM server and not a lot of protection groups created, and you haven’t been protecting anything much, you can just click on the link in the warning message that says “Allocate more disk space for replica…”  That pulls up a pretty window that looks like […]

The stub received bad data – DPM backup of a SQL DB

My DPM Server: Server 2008 x64 DPM 2007 SP1 SQL 2005 SP3 (local to DPM) Protecting: Server 2003 SP2 x64 SQL 2005 SP3 I have about 30 databases being backed up from the one client machine.  All of them backup just fine except one.  Every time I try to do a synchronization or a full […]