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Script to fix “unknown” power state in Xen Desktop

  After an unpretty Hyper-V cluster failover, several machines in our Xen Desktop deployment were showing an “unknown” power state.  After a call to Citrix, they gave my coworker a few commands to use to fix it. This has to be done from the Xen Desktop controller: Load the Citrix PSSnapIn: Add-PSSnapIn Citrix.* This gets […]

Launch a PowerShell script minimized

We use Citrix for a lot of applications, and I have a need to launch Outlook, then an application, and then close Outlook when that application is closed by the user.  This seems like a pretty simple thing to do (and I suppose it is, sort of) but it took me a while to figure […]

Unable to login to Citrix server via RDP or ICA

We have recently set up some new Windows Server 2008 R2/Citrix XenApp 6.0 servers.  For some reason, users could not launch a remote desktop to them even though we (thought) allowed this.  Turns out there is a policy which blocks this by default.  I found the answer here: Re: Unable to login using RDP or […]

A fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine.

Today, while getting ready to deploy an updated Citrix farm for a set of Line of Business applications, I got an error during the sysprep process.  The machine in question is a 2008 64 bit machine.  It has Citrix and all the applications installed.  It is also a Hyper-V VM.  I created an answer file […]

“netvsc” error in Hyper-V guest

We use Citrix Presentation Server for a number of applications, and lately we have had a significant increase in issues with one set of our Citrix servers.  We have 3 main sets of Citrix servers and the problems have only been happening on one set.  One of the sets doesn’t have this error, but wouldn’t […]

Temporary Registry Profiles – Finally an answer

We have been having issues at work for a while where a user gets “cannot load the locally stored profile” and a temporary profile is created.  It gets to be quite frustrating for the users because each time they log in they lose any settings that they have made.  Apparently, we arent’ the only company […]