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Not quite yet…

So the other day I said that I was moving this blog to Azure.  I have tinkered with that, and am actually making a little progress.  (This happens when you put little effort/time into something).  I decided to bring it back up where it was in order to do an easier transfer of the image […]

Windows Live Writer fails to open

I use Windows Live Writer to create most of the posts for my Blog(s).  I recently updated to the latest version and I do think it is a good product, and seems to work very well with my WordPress blogs.  (I contribute to 3, but this is the main one.)  I have occasionally had trouble […]

Cluster Maps or WorldMaps

I was roaming around looking for an answer to a question (didn’t find the answer, and I don’t remember the question), when I happened upon a site that had a Cluster Map, like the one I use, and also something called a worldmap.  introducing worldmaps See where your website visitors are from with WorldMaps. WorldMaps […]

SQL Queries

I don’t usually do a lot with SQL, but lately I have found myself having to look at, and work with SQL a good bit.  It seems that things come in waves.  Anyway, I was looking for a quick way to copy a table from one Database to another and came across this blog which […]