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2015 Blog Report

Well, I didn’t hit the number I was hoping to hit.  I made it to 162, and I was hoping to make it to 175.  Maybe by the end of 2016?

Since this is a WordPress site and I use Jetpack here is a nice little report provided with no effort on my part:

Blog Status

When I got back on the Blog wagon, I intended to write more posts, and even came up with a list of topics that I wanted to write about.  So far I am not doing so well on that.  The last couple of posts that I wrote had to do with SharePoint, which wasn’t even on my list.  There has been a little bit of work on the topics I intended, but I haven’t done as much as I would like.  And I have definitely not done as much blogging as I intended (hoped) by this point.

A status update on my post count…  I am up to 159 (160 when this posts).  I get a few hits here and there on my random PowerShell contributions.  I still get a lot of hits on my DPM posts.  I don’t actually use DPM anymore (we use a third party hosted solution, not because there was any problem with DPM).  I get hits on some of my Hyper-V posts and a few other storage posts. 

My list included improving my management skills.  Maybe I should blog a little more about my experiences in that regard.

New Favicon for my site

So in a previous life, I spent time in the Navy.  I was a Machinist Mate, in the Nuclear Power Program.  That history, my tendency to (over) analyze things and the fact that my name is Michael all let to the name of this site.  (Nuke it Mike). 

This site is not (currently, or planned to be) used for commercial/profit purposes.  I get a very small amount of traffic these days (I got more traffic when I was blogging about a particular set of problems with early versions of DPM). 

I have no reason to have a personal logo, but I have been thinking for years that I wanted one.  I finally got around to making one.  This is a Machinist Mate Rating badge with the colors of the Radiation Warning symbol.  What do you think?


2015 Interests Update

I said here that I wanted to get to 175 (from 148) and I have made it to 154 (if you count this post).  I am sure that is right on track.

The next post that I wrote (after my post count) was a list of things I wanted to work on (or that I was interested in working on) this year.

From that list, I have worked on a few items (and a bunch that weren’t on the list).  I created a PowerShell script to capture Management Pack Dependencies.  Upgrading the OS for the OpsMgr server probably wasn’t on my list, but I did that, too.

I am also taking an Azure class.  So far, most of it is stuff I am already familiar with, or at least comfortable with.  I have picked up a few concepts and found a few resources.  The “Cloud Design Patterns” looks interesting.

The rest of the items on my list are a bit more difficult to tie together.  I have been working on some documentation/automation scripts that should be useful.  I will post those when (if) I get them cleaned up enough for posting.

My new iPhone…

I just purchased my first Apple product.  I bought an iPhone.  I have had a Blackberry for years, but the iPhone actually seems a little more cool.  I am not an iTunes user, and I don’t have an iPod, but I have to admit that I think the device is pretty neat.

So, today when it came in, even though I am on vacation, I went to the office and picked it up.  I brought it home and started playing with it a bit.  Got it to make a phone call pretty easily.  Set it up to view my Hotmail account easily, but I couldn’t get it to sync with my Exchange email.  I know it works, because I am one of the last guys in my group to get one.  They all are using it just fine. 

Well, when I did try to connect to any of the services, at first I got an error that said there wasn’t a data plan associated with my phone.  I know that is not the case, but this seems to be a common issue, because at least 3 of the guys I work with had that problem as well.  the solution to that one is to follow these steps:

On your iphone, go to


now just enter the apn data that I provided above where the website indicates. Just copy and paste it in. (or you can tap on the selector, the thing that says “blank”, the thing that is under the APN inputs, and select your carrier.) Now just tap on “create custon profile” and then it will exit Safari, and take you to the settings application. Now just tap on “install” and you are done. (Installing a profile may take up to 30 seconds, do not exit the menu until it is done installing or you will have a very corrupted carrier file.

Well, in order to connect to the internet to get to that page, I had to connect to my home wireless.  Not a big deal, but evidently that is what messed me up.  I kept getting “Exchange Account Verification Failed”.  When I did a google search on it, this is the answer to my problem getting ActiveSync to work:

Also there seems to be somthing with connection via Wi-fi when trying to setup. I would not recommned setting up via wi-fi

Apple – Support – Discussions – Exchange account verification failed …

So wish me luck in my venture into the world of Apple.  Just don’t expect me to help you with your MAC.

Windows Live Writer fails to open

I use Windows Live Writer to create most of the posts for my Blog(s).  I recently updated to the latest version and I do think it is a good product, and seems to work very well with my WordPress blogs.  (I contribute to 3, but this is the main one.) 

I have occasionally had trouble getting Writer to open.  I will click on the shortcut, the splash screen comes up and then I get an error.  Then it is gone.  I finally got around to digging into the cause and did a search and found this post from one of the Microsoft guys that builds this tool:

We’re getting ready to ship an update that fixes the problem, but in the meantime, there is a straightforward workaround to get Writer running again:

  1. Start | Run
  2. On Vista, enter this command:
    %AppData%\Windows Live Writer\Keywords
    On XP, enter this command:
    %UserProfile%\Application Data\Windows Live Writer\Keywords
  3. You should see a bunch of files whose names begin with “keyword” and end with lots of letters and numbers. Delete all of these files.

That should fix it.

The problem, as you may have guessed, is that one of these files is getting corrupted. This is due to a race condition in our code where the settings file can be closed while it’s still in the middle of being written. Our update will both fix the race condition, and also deal more gracefully with corrupted settings files (by ignoring them).

Well, that didn’t fix it for me.  In that post, Joe has updated to say that version 14.0.8064.206 includes the fix for this problem.  That happens to be the version I am running.  :(  So back to searching…

I was digging around trying to figure out if I had just missed something, but instead I found a log file.  In my case the log is in the \AppData\Local\Windows Live Writer\ directory and it is named, funny enough, “Windows Live Writer.log”.  I looked in the log and found lots of stuff, but the part that stuck out was:

The network location cannot be reached.

That got  me to thinking and after doing some testing, I went back to Joe’s blog entry and left this comment:

Another potential cause of the for the problem, Splash screen and then error and then nothing, could be My Documents redirection.
The company I work for as a policy doesn’t back up user machines, but we do redirect the My Documents to a network share. Most of our users have their My Documents set to be available offline. I don’t.
When I tried the steps that you recommended, it didn’t fix the problem, but then I remembered that I have had this problem before, and that it seemed to work fine when I was in the office.
I have two work arounds for this:
1. Open Windows Live Writer while still at the office and don’t close it. Hybernate the machine until I get home and use as normal.
2. Use Run As to run it as a local account so that it doesn’t fall victim to my My Documents being unavailable.
This is a good reason (among others) that it would be nice to have the option to change the default location for post data to be saved.

So, there you have it.  Another reason to NOT use My Documents redirection…  “Let me tell ya about My Documents redirection…”

Personal websites

There are a lot of people who have personal websites that they use to keep track of family.  I have seen a few different types, but it seems that most of them are setup to be mostly a replacement for the photo albums that were always laying around especially at my grand parents house. 

I think this is actually a good thing, because it allows you to put more than just pictures.  In a personal website, you can put descriptions or even stories with the pictures.  And maybe in 25years when your now 3 year old is having his or her first child, you can show them the websites with all the stories of your sleepless nights and all the pictures of the sweet baby that you were so happy holding while you both caught a short nap…

This also makes it easier for families to keep up with each other.  I live a good distance from all of my family except a few cousins.  I am not good about visiting them, and am really bad about visiting with the rest of my family as well.  I hope that by creating a personal site that my wife (and maybe I will help) can keep the rest of the family "in the loop" as to the happenings in our lives, and maybe that will encourage them to keep us in the loop as well. 

Another good reason to do a personal website is that it gives me an opportunity to tinker with things that I don’t normally mess with too much.  I am a Systems Engineer, not  a programmer.  Tinker with my website(s) lets me pretend I understand what it is that programmers do.  (ha)

Random ramblings…

So, after my adventures in moving my Blog to WordPress…  I was thinking I would try to write up "detailed" instructions on what I did to get it up and going, but then I remembered… I am lazy.

I still need to move my other websites over to my new server.  The sad thing is, I need to really clean all that junk up.    I am hoping I can get a few pieces put in and then turn it over to my wife to do all the real work.

I still need to get a photo gallery setup, and maybe set my wife up with a blog so she can talk about what is going on with our family.  That does seem to be the most common way of communicating with family these days…

But first… I have to pick a theme I like…

“Failed to set Event Logging” error when logging into Citrix Apps

Users are getting the above error due to an invalid entry in the APPSRV.INI file. To fix it:

1. Open the appsrv.ini file located in the user’s Citrix ICA client folder, the default locations are:

In Windows Vista – C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\ICAClient\
In Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\ICAClient\

2. Find the line beginning with”LogFileWin32”, it should be near the top.

The default Value is:

In Windows Vista – C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\ICAClient\wfcwin32.log

In Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\ ICAClient\wfcwin32.log

I have been finding them with “User” instead of the actual name of the user.  For example: <LogFileWin32=C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\ICAClient\wfcwin32.log>

Instead of : <LogFileWin32=C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Application Data\ICAClient\wfcwin32.log>

3. Update the entry to point to the correct location.