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Making a Header

In an effort to encourage my wife to share the site we created for keeping up with our family, I was trying to get a good picture to use as the banner in the WordPress theme that we are using.  I had a good picture, but since it doesn’t auto scale…

I ended up using Microsoft Expression Design to create a picture for it.  I first opened the default banner picture to figure out what size it was, and then I create a new file with the same dimensions.  Then I created a box the full size of the document.  I filled that box with a gradient, and then made a slightly smaller box also with a gradient, but I pushed the lighter shade more so that there is a hard edge around the smaller box.  Then I put my picture in the right edge of the smaller box.  The result wasn’t too bad.  And I think I can update the picture pretty easily for seasons.

You can see what I did here: